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Drone Photography & Video: Roof Surveys

Aerial Property inspections

Drones have the ability to fly close to buildings, and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe. The advantages of using unmanned drones to conduct roof inspections far outweigh the negatives. It is much easier and cheaper to arrange a drone flight than to cover all the complex Health and Safety regulations required for a manned inspection.

Does your roof really need that expensive repair or did the builder really complete the job he is billing you for?  

Whether you want to check for storm damage or to review work quoted by builders, our drone footage can give you a 360° view of the areas of concern, before you part with your hard-earned cash.

With no need for ladders, scaffolding or expansive cherry picker hire, Hire a drone Scotland’s aerial inspections provide a service that cannot be matched by someone standing on a ladder or scaffolding with limited points of view for roof, gutter and chimney inspections, with none of the dangers associated with working at height.

We can provide real-time and instantly available footage in Ultra-clear 4K HD video and images ensuring the minimum delay in organising rapidly deteriorating elements.
As Hire A Drone Scotland’s pilots are not involved in property development, you can be sure that the images and footage we provide are totally impartial and may give you what you need to support a claim for poor workmanship or convince insurers that your storm damage claim is warranted.
You may have heard or read a lot in the press about unlicensed, unapproved drone operators flying in unsafe, unauthorised or restricted airspace, working without insurance or due care and attention.
Employing one of these companies is dangerous and potentially illegal. All UK pilots offering services for reward of any kind must have a BNUC-S or RPQ-S qualification, CAA Permission for Aerial Work and Public Liability insurance.
Protect yourself and ask the operator if you are unsure, any approved operator should be happy to show you his ID, and approvals.
Hire a drone Scotland has the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) we are governed and regulated by the CAA.
All of our pilots are very experienced and have passed the extensive CAA-approved exams and flight assessments, holding the established industry Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ-s) for multi-rotor aircraft under 7kg.

Drone Photography & Video: Property

Sell Your Property: The Smart Way

Drone Photography and video for selling your property

Hire A Drone Scotland’s state of the art drones provide you with 4K video & high resolution photography to give you the best advantage possible.

Once you have made the decision to sell your house, you should use utilise modern media to help get your property noticed. The real estate market is extremely crowded, and sellers have limited options for advertising. Traditional photographs can never tell the whole story and that’s where aerial photography and video can make all the difference. By providing a unique perspective of your whole property, we can give a prospective buyer a real feel for your best features. Aerial footage of a property can vastly increases the conversion rate for a quicker and more profitable sale.

Wedding Drone Photography & Videography

Wedding Drone Hire

Wedding Drone Photography

With over 30 years’ experience in the events industry Hire A Drone Scotland’s pilots are uniquely prepared to capture those special moments without being intrusive, creating a whole new perspective to your wedding giving your guests something to talk about for a years to come.


By virtue of their title, weddings are unique events. With so much invested in their production and locations, including historic buildings, stalely homes and stunning gardens, traditional stills and ground-based videography can never capture the magnitude and grandeur these venues offer.

Only hi-resolution cameras mounted on a drone can give you that 360° view of your venue, your guests and the happy couple in all their splendour. Your guests have made a lot of effort to dress-up and it’s nice to have pictures of them looking beautiful in their finery, so why restrict the photographs to head and shoulder shots. A combination of drone and traditional photography will give you a truly original wedding album.

Corporate Event Drone Hire

Entertainment Drone Hire

Drone image of Newhall in Carlops

This image of Newhall in Carlops gives a great overview of the wedding venue in all its glory.

Further images would then be taken to include guests enjoying this venue’s unique features in more detail.


Drone image of corporate event

With over 3 decades of experience in devising and delivering events for companies including Honda, Royal bank of Scotland, Pfizer and Disney, no one is better suited to undertake aerial photography of your event.


With over 3 decades of experience in devising and delivering events for companies including Honda, Royal bank of Scotland, Pfizer and Disney, no one is better suited to undertake aerial photography of your event.
We will research the venue and in consultation with your event organiser, Hire A Drone Scotland’s pilots will work with your team to ensure that the cinematic record of your event captures not only the components of the event, but more importantly, the spirit and energy of the day.
Unless specifically agreed in advance, Hire A Drone Scotland do not retain any video footage or images of your event and as such we provide you with all the media captured with no restrictions on its future use. 

Rules & Regulations

Unmanned Aerial vehicles (Drones)

Drone rules and regulations

Rule and regulations governing the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones)To fly a Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) in the UK, either commercially or recreationally, all pilots are required to comply with CAP393: Air Navigation Order unless otherwise approved by the CAA.

The main operational conditions for an SUA are:


  • Maintaining a distance of 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot
  • During take-off and landing maintain a distance of 30m from people, vehicles and property not in control of the pilot
  • Permission of the landowner to take off and land
  • No flights directly overhead or within a minimum distance of 150m from an open-air assembly of over 1000 people
  • Fly to a maximum height of 400ft above ground level
  • Maintain visual line of sight to a maximum distance of 500m
  • Only fly during daylight hours, so that you can clearly see the SUA and take avoiding action from other air users if required
  • Restrictions regarding restricted zones may also apply and will be assessed by Hire A Drone Scotland prior to offering a proposal

Weather Conditions

UAV’s by their very nature are subject to specific weather limitations regarding specifically High winds and rain.

We monitor the weather forecast prior to your event and If the signs are not good we will contact you 48 hours prior to the shoot. If the shoot cannot be re-scheduled due to factors out of our control (live events, client availability) Hire a Drone Scotland do not offer a refund of the initial deposit but where appropriate, credit that deposit against a future booking scheduled within 30 days subject to availability.

If we both decide to stay with the original date and we have bad weather, our pilots will wait on site as long as possible in the hope of a break in the weather.

If we arrive on site and are unable to shoot on the day we will charge in full, but offer clients a 25% discount off the price of the second shoot on the follow up date

Bill Miller: Drone Pilot

Bill Miller: Drone Pilot

What People Are Saying About Hire A Drone Scotland

“We wanted something special to remember our wedding by and Hire A Drone Scotland delivered. Our friends loved interacting with the drone cameras and we got the most amazing photographs and footage to treasure for years to come.”

Carol Mercer


“Bill’s drone allowed us to very quickly establish that our solar panels were not in fact damaged saving us hundreds of pounds in unnecessary scaffolding and labour costs..”


Roof Survey

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